Amber Oud is an authentic and unconventional luxury perfume brand that caters to the sophisticated user. It bears a strong identity; with a modern touch of a classical evolution.


Today, our portfolio is made up of some of the world’s exquisite products that have been carefully blended to deliver on their promises. From beautifully crafted scented mists and room fresheners to smart stylish and modernized take on traditional gifts, these are products sure to give pleasure to people everywhere.
Our scents are unlike any other perfumes in the world because they are uniquely crafted from a one of a kind ingredients list. Minimalist colour combinations and opulent packaging of our products are in tune with our glamorous yet understated fashion sense.
We’ve got your back too when it comes to the safety of our products. We make sure to meet the world safety standards as regulated by IFRA.

Our Story
Fine taste has always defined Saud Malallah. His passion and hobby had always been to find and collect the best and rarest agarwoods in the world. He then thought making something out of all the agarwoods collected and that marked his journey into the world of perfumes.
From its inception in 2014 Amber Oud, has remained true to its philosophy; offering a rare gem of brewed finesse to its clients. Starting off with a single location in the heart of Kuwait’s City, Old Souk, the business has grown organically over the years, serving a clientele hungry for a modern take with a classical twist of rich oils in fragrances.
Our products are a true labour of love and devotion to bring out the best of blends of Oud and Agarwood. Despite the success and sales, our quest for the best is unrelenting. We take our time to extract oils from only the best from across the world.
Our founder,Saud Malallah is at the heart of the brand and he continually inspires the brand’s identity. Our workmanship reflects his taste, his authenticity, his value for the fine things in life and his commitment to quality and excellence.
Through our flagship store launched in 2016 that is backed by a robust website and online presence, we have now extended our reach to the international market willing to have a taste of our extravagant line of goods.
We invite you to savour the elegant and timeless collection that is Amber Oud, for that one in a million experience.